Corrections Officer Knife Survival: Self-Defense Training Course (English Edition)


Martial Arts

Dealing with knives and improvised edged weapons is a fact of life for corrections officers, security guards, police officers, campus security and other security professionals.

However, they are not the only ones in need of this training.

This course provides detailed step-by-step photos and descriptions for effectively dealing with the most common edged weapon attacks so you can survive a potentially deadly altercation.

This training can be utilized by anyone seeking to learn how to survive an attack with a knife and other pointed or edged weapons. The reality is that there are news stories on an almost daily basis about someone being attacked with a knife.

The harsh reality is that most people, even professionals, are woefully unprepared for a knife attack.

This course is more than just a book. There are videos linked to each technique so that you can watch the techniques being done as well as read the descriptions and study the detailed photos.

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Corrections Officer Knife Survival: Self-Defense Training Course (English Edition)

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