Consulting Frameworks: Use on your next startup, in an existing small business, or to ace the case interview (Business Success Book 7) (English Edition)

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Consulting frameworks are what consultants use to frame a problem as well as its solution. Consulting is a specialty of problem solving, and these frameworks act as shortcuts to problem solving. It doesn’t mean that they are exclusive to consulting! anyone can learn them to help improve their problem solving skills!

For the ones interested in joining consulting, practicing 1000 cases doesn’t help if you don’t use a framework consistently. Therefore a better approach for preparation is to understand and memorize the frameworks followed by a few cases only to store the framework in your long-term memory. Many applicants practice cases for months and then are surprised that the cases during the interview are not similar. I don’t need to belabor this point too much–you get it. Learn how to think with frameworks rather than brute force your way through an unhealthy amount of cases. If you want practice cases, most if not all consulting firms offer their own cases online and for free. Those are more than enough to practice.

The Concise Reads Business Success series is a collection of short reading material that highlights important concepts in business education that every student, business owner, and entrepreneur should know from accounting and incorporating, to building a robust business plan and managing operations. We hope you enjoy Peter’s easy to read explanations. The affordable pricing makes this series available to anyone willing to learn and the concise aspect makes it so it does not take more than a single day to learn or a single weekend to master. Good luck and please review the book when you’re done so that others could see the value derived from this affordable series. If there is a business topic that will benefit readers to learn about then please also mention that in your review. We will read every review and adjust our titles based on your needs. Thank you for your interest and happy concise reading!

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Consulting Frameworks: Use on your next startup, in an existing small business, or to ace the case interview (Business Success Book 7) (English Edition)

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