College Affair: A Second Chance Romance (English Edition)


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May Callister has a secret. Her name is Zoe and she's six months old and as cute as a button.

Ben Arbour was May's mentor and grad school Professor. But he doesn’t and cannot know that his loving secret relationship with May produced a final project of a lifetime.

Former fashion mogul turned Professor and critic of the fashion and consumer industries, Ben is about to launch a new report that could see his career go from bad boy executive turned outsider who is a curious interest to the public and academia into a respected authority who can make change.

Zoe shares Ben's goals of an ethical fashion world and one regaining its creative flair, even hiding precious Zoe to not be in the way. When she needs to keep her own career moving forward Ben and May are destined to meet again. Can May hide her secrets when back in Ben's world?

WARNING: These stories are super SEXY with explicit scenes of passion and lust that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

Please enjoy additional bonus books at the end for your reading pleasure!

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College Affair: A Second Chance Romance (English Edition)

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