Cofamily: Raising Children in Community (Intentioneers Book 9) (English Edition)


The idea of building community among people for mutual support has to be a deliberate or intentional effort as the economic and other processes of the dominant or mainstream culture continually breaks down community, causing everyone to feel that they are in the system alone. For people to feel that they are in the world to create mutual happiness for themselves and others the need is to build community, and one of the most important motivators for people to live in community is for the happiness and safety of the children.
Cofamilies are often created with the wellbeing of children in mind, yet more basically cofamily is about adults learning and practicing gifting and sharing processes among a small group of friends. Defining a "cofamily" as a group of three-to-nine adults living together, with or without children, overlays a new term upon small communities everywhere, including around forty percent of all communities listed in the "Directory of Intentional Communities."
The types of gifting and sharing processes carried on by small communities or cofamilies defines the type of community they create. Some share only privately-owned property, some share only commonly-owned property, and some do both. This short book explains the types of childcare processes created by different forms of community, presents what some young adults have to say about their experience growing up in community, and offers the "cofamily" identity as the first new intentional community movement of the 21st century!

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Cofamily: Raising Children in Community (Intentioneers Book 9) (English Edition)

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