Cody Rexell and the Cannibal Death Camp: Cody Rexell Saga, Book 2


In this homage to grindhouse, low-budget horror, tongue-in-cheek action movies of the 70s and cheesy 80s horror, Cody Rexell is back in a brand-new adventure! Are you ready to groan along with the one liners and relive the cheesy horror/action vibe of yesterday?

One year on from his escape from Montana, Cody Rexell again finds himself in trouble, this time in the heat of the Mexican jungle. Barely escaping with his life from a remote village of bloodthirsty cannibals, Rexel is determined to go back and retrieve an item of great importance that was taken from him.

When a face from the past betrays Rexell and threatens to send him back to the government who are still searching for him, he reluctantly agrees to help with a covert mission to locate a drug baron who has gone missing in the jungle. As the group embark on what should be a routine mission, events unfold that puts the lives of everyone at risk and forces Rexell to revert to his uniquely violent methods to ensure those under his supervision survive.

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Cody Rexell and the Cannibal Death Camp: Cody Rexell Saga, Book 2

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