Chosen by the Aliens: An Alien Abduction Pregnancy Romance Bundle (English Edition)


Get 16,000+ words of intense alien abduction based pregnancy romance that is sure to steal your attention and enjoy two stories for the price of one!


Mated by my Alien Prince

The Watchers came to Earth at a time when the inhabitants needed them the most and rescued humans from themselves. Each year after that a lottery was held for each adult human to take part in. One winner was chosen from each community to serve the Watchers on their own planet. Maggie does not know that this year the lottery will change her life forever as well as the fate of the entire human race. She has heard stories of what happens to those who win the lottery but she is going to have firsthand experience. Chosen to be a breeder Maggie comes face to face with the scariest creature she has ever seen. She is thankful to meet Urieal who is unlike the other Watchers and has compassion for her. She learns that Watchers visited the planet once before and that their goal is to create a super species hybrid. The role that Maggie will play in the future world is both terrifying and thrilling. That is if she can live long enough to be part of the future….

Rescued by an Alien Prince

Amy is 30 years old and thinks she’s a few years passed her prime. She’s a curvy woman and one that seems to be content with who she is in life—even if that life is sometimes lonely. But little does she realize that her life is about to change—she’s been “honored” to take part in the alien Chubalahan “Comprehensive Variable Breeding Program”, or as Amy understands it, the Alien Breeding Lottery!

Amy’s not too thrilled about the forced capture and impregnation plans of the Chubalahan species, but is tickled to know that their people do consider big beautiful women to be the most beautiful of all creatures, and the ultimate sexual temptation for a healthy, horny male. The sexy Prince Radiant is tempted by Amy’s body, and even more enamored with her views on “love”, which their species has never entertained. The Prince is also sworn to uphold his prime directive, which is to impregnate humans according to non-sexual protocol. Will his honor hold up or will his desires “come up”, thereby causing a galaxy-wide scandal?

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WARNING: This ebook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

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Chosen by the Aliens: An Alien Abduction Pregnancy Romance Bundle (English Edition)

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