Ceresian: Something Lurks (English Edition)

Science Fiction

A mysterious dust hailed as the saviour of humanity. A dwarf planet that held intrigue since the discovery of the sparkling Occator Crater in the early 21st century. A clean energy that brought about the end of the hydrocarbon age and gave birth to the unstoppable expansion of Ceresian Industries. A crew of four sent to take care of the finer details of setting up an automated mining colony.

The first manned inter-planetary mission was never going to be to Mars to set up a second Earth colony, nor would it be to one of the moons of Jupiter to perform scientific studies. No, the first manned inter-planetary mission would be where the money drew the mega-corporations to.

The first manned inter-planetary mission would be to Ceres. But something lurks there…

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Ceresian: Something Lurks (English Edition)

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