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A "green Indiana Jones" set in the murky waters of Brazil's Amazon Reef, in the not-too-distant future. The planet is in peril and coral reefs are dying off. The Second Conference on Coral Reefs and Climate Change is about to take place in London. Some hope the newly discovered Amazon Reef will unlock the mystery of its survival to rejuvenate reefs all over the world. Others see the discovery as an opportunity for grabbing power and making money.

When the Amazon Reef research project falls behind delivering expected results, Carmen Macedo, an English journalist, is sent undercover by Brazil’s President to find out what is going wrong. She discovers the famous Professor David Darwin, expert adviser to the project, is stealing live samples from the protected Reef and is soon caught up in a dangerous and deadly world of global political intrigue. Unbeknown to her, her own life is in danger as she is pursued by an old adversary who has escaped from his high security prison and is seeking personal revenge.

‘Caretta Caretta’ is Rosa da Silva’s second book. The novella is a sequel to the rainforest eco-thriller ‘Jabujicaba’. All royalties again go to conservation.

Comments from 'Jabujicaba' fans who have read 'Caretta Caretta':

"Carmen is back – smart and gutsy as ever! This fast-paced adventure picks up where 'Jabujicaba' left off. A great read with a thought-provoking environmental theme." Maya

"Climate change meets coral reef meets Indiana Jones. Another fast-paced and exciting read. Couldn't put it down." Matt Ford

"Glad to see Carmen in action again. I started reading the book and couldn't put it down. I enjoyed it thoroughly." Marlene Tunnat

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Caretta Caretta (English Edition)

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