Callie Kent: Senior-at-Large (English Edition)


14-year-old Callie Kent allows herself a long sigh of contentment with her decision to forego trying out for Central High’s dancerette team before the start of her freshman year, and instead accompanies her family on a trip to New England. Thinking she has forsaken dance for the summer, Callie is surprised to find her vacation infused with all types of new dance experiences. From the artistry of an Irish Step Dancing festival in South Boston; to street performers at Faneuil Hall Marketplace; to a contemporary ballet at the Shubert Theatre; to traditional square dancing in Maine, Callie realizes that dance is truly universal.

Comfortable with her decision, Callie heads home, anxious to share her experiences with friends and begin her fourth year at On Stage as a full-fledged senior. She has missed most everything about dance, except perhaps the erratic behavior of both fellow company member, Lori McKenna (often the bane of Callie’s existence), and Lori’s mom, Anne, whose meddling into company matters seems to continually aspire to new heights. Once back in the swing of company rehearsals, Callie’s confidence is soon shattered by Lori, who weighs in with her unsolicited assessment of Callie’s choice to travel versus try out for dancerettes, by dropping some serious reality bombs. Lori’s words leave Callie speechless, her mind reeling. Is Lori right? Would Callie have given up her trip had she understood the ramifications, as Lori laid them out? What is the true cost of Callie’s decision to travel with her family? And how will Callie reconcile Lori’s revelation with the choices she has already made?

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Callie Kent: Senior-at-Large (English Edition)

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