Calisthenics: STRETCH Your Way to STRONG: The #1 Flexibility for Bodyweight Training Guide (English Edition)

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Calisthenics: STRETCH Your Way to STRONG

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You have a hidden weakness holding you back from achieving your calisthenics goals. Discover the secret formula to increasing muscle size and strength through superhuman flexibility and SMASH through your bodyweight training goals.

Welcome to the world’s most effective stretching system. This guide has been engineered to improve flexibility, increase range of motion and push your bodyweight exercise results through the roof!

The #1 Flexibility for Bodyweight Training Guide

This is the ONLY flexibility guide designed specifically to improve your gains when training calisthenics. Here’s a sneak peak inside:

  • Why you MUST become flexible to maximize your training
  • How flexibility increases muscle and strength gains
  • The science behind stretching
  • 5-step formula for superhuman flexibility
  • Photo tutorials and sample stretches
  • Expert advice on sets, reps and form
  • Nutrition advice to maximize your results
  • How to build a stretching program
  • Free ‘stretching mistakes’ bonus guide

Why Get Flexible?

If you can’t quite hold a certain position during exercise, if perfect form evades you, if those last few reps are tantalisingly out of reach, there’s a simple reason why.

That reason is range of motion. Tight muscles = short range of motion = weakness. So, greater flexibility brings better range of motion and with it greater strength building ability.

Discover The Flexibility Formula of Elite Athletes

This book divulges the secret flexibility formula of elite athletes and shows YOU how to replicate their success.

Using 5 simple scientific techniques, you will see IMMEDIATE improvements in your flexibility and range of motion.

Packed with AMAZING Extras

When you purchase this book you will receive our flexibility bumper pack to help you on your journey. Here’s what’s included:


Avoid injury and maximize your results with our ‚Top 10 Stretching Mistakes‘ bonus guide FREE with this book.


Get free and ongoing email support for your stretching and calisthenics training when you pick up this book today!


There is simply no better way to build a superhuman body than a combination of stretching and calisthenics. What are you waiting for?

Download now and read on your kindle, tablet, smartphone or computer.

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Calisthenics: STRETCH Your Way to STRONG: The #1 Flexibility for Bodyweight Training Guide (English Edition)

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