Blockchain: Theory and Practice of the Internet Version of Our New Economy (English Edition)



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With Blockchain – the History, Mechanics, Technical Implementation and Powerful Uses of Blockchain Technology , you'll learn everything that you need to know about Blockchain, which is the public ledger that is used for transactions done with Bitcoins. This is an ever growing ledger that is made up of a series of blocks. The blocks are arranged in linear order, as well as chronologically. To truly understand this new phenomenon, this book contains the following:

•A look at the journey of Blockchain
•Why structured data is important in Blockchains
•The meaning of the mining process
•How to ensure you always compute correct results
•Multi-key cryptography
•The different applications on Blockchain
•How to use Blockchain in different industries

Blockchain technology is a solution that can revolutionize a range of industries, especially the financial industry. Following years of research and development, it is proving to be worth the cost to use it. When you need automatic reconciliation or you want to do away with, third party administration Blockchain technology provides you with the best solution. Find out everything that you can about his important technology.

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This technology can speed up processes as well as safeguard information electronically. When you need to provide easy access to information through a detailed database, this new generation and transparent medium will make everything much easier.

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Blockchain: Theory and Practice of the Internet Version of Our New Economy (English Edition)

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