Bimbofication Erotica, Vol. 4: Normal Women Turn Into Ditzy Babes and Seductive Ingénues (Bimbo Museum) (English Edition)



Here's the first six-pack of incredible erotica about bimbos and bimbofication! Inside you'll find so much sexy action between bimbos, himbos, ingénues and babes that you'll be, like, totally blown away and stuff!

The Bimbofication of Maria Barnaby – Maria never thought she'd become a bimbo, but after a visit to a fortune-teller, everything is about to change! She turns into a blonde babe who can get any guy she wants. Her chosen target is her boss, a Korean billionaire and jock whose buddies come by, leading to an outrageous ganging conclusion that you'll have to read to believe!

The Blondification of Bertha Barrelmaker – Bertha has always been an unpopular woman, but on the day of a wedding she's supposed to go to, Bertha wakes up to find that she's become a blonde bombshell, a beautiful babe and a naughtily nubile naïf! At the wedding she finds a hunky Bangladeshi immigrant with a stripper-shaped secret — he's a studly desi who makes Bertha dizzy! Will this wedding go off as planned? Or will Bertha's newly bimbofied body turn the whole day upside-down?!

Ingénuefication: Rowanda Gets Racy for the First Time All Over Again – Rowanda's life was in the gutter before she gets the chance to be someone else for a day! She's off to her hunky neighbor, the starving artist and sexy white stud Brandon. Now that Rowanda's a delicate, gentle and kind ingénue instead of a haggard old whore, she can make passionate love to Brandon, the man of her dreams!

The Bimbofication of Betsy Baffernan – Betsy has become a bimbo, so she's about to land the stud of a lifetime! Jamaal is a hunky black quarterback who has been ignoring Betsy since they met, until she turns into a ditzy blonde who wants to be his personal slut. Betsy is going to find out how sexy ebony alpha male jocks can be, in this hardcore tale of interracial backdoor action, bondage, light raceplay and more!

The Ingénuefication of Iris Ipschwitz
– Iris lusts after the studly young black orderly in her nursing home, but she never thought she'd have a chance until her tired, wrinkled flesh turns taut and perky as she wishes herself from crone to ingénue. She's a beautiful young thing once more, and now she's got the opportunity of a lifetime! Can her new slice of ebony manmeat satisfy her surprisingly nubile body?

The Himbofication of Hubert Humper – Hubert is a black nerd and loser until he finds a magical ring and everything changes! All of a sudden, he's a studly, swaggertastic thug named Jamaal. Hubert's in for the ride of his life as he is about to take on a new role, one that will give him plenty of opportunities to be mean-muggin' niggas, droppin' his G's, and providin' unparalleled pleasure for his femdom boss!

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Bimbofication Erotica, Vol. 4: Normal Women Turn Into Ditzy Babes and Seductive Ingénues (Bimbo Museum) (English Edition)

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