BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: Short Stories ***KISS and TELL ~ LAS VEGAS*** Bad Boy Alpha Male Billionaire Biker Romance Series (Contemporary Women's Fiction New Adult Sports Romance) (English Edition)


HUGE Value ***Limited Time Offer*** Sweet & Steamy BONUS Stories Included!

He’s a Billionaire Bad Boy and Property Tycoon – Arrogant, Demanding, and HOT AS HELL

Jared discovers he is fascinated by his new architect, who isn't a stuffy old man, and embarks on a mission to FUCK her.

SHE is a Las Vegas Architect – Classy, Sassy, Confident, and Stunningly Beautiful

Bella doesn’t put up with Jared’s shit and holds her own, in an Alpha Male dominated environment only, making him want her all the more.

After a little too much alcohol at a required meeting, Jared has Bella eating out of his hands, … strawberries, whip cream, followed by an intense, lust-fueled ride on his Harley, …and dick.

Kiss & Tell – New York
Hunter Harris is CEO of Priority One, a Player, Gorgeous ~ AND on a Mission to Screw the Brunette Beauty

Enjoying the company holiday party, Hunter is in awe of the vision in the red dress, who happens to be his employee, unbeknownst to her.

Krystal is a top Broker at Priority One ~ N.Y., classy, sassy, confident, not to mention stunning.

Hunter takes Krystal back to her office, …not to discuss business matters, as implied by Hunter, but to pleasure her, at his insistence.

What will happen when Krystal realizes the man she’s just enjoyed a rare ‘tryst’ with is in fact, her boss? And how will it affect her 'job' performance?

Kiss & Tell California
Jade, a knockout Malibu Realtor has just arrived on location to ensure the Malibu Home is perfect for the shoot, only to be read the riot act by the leading man, mistaking her for an actress.

Lance, a top Hollywood actor, is enamoured with the blond beauty who just arrived on set, and ready to have her …in the rose garden, just behind set.

Lance arranges for Jade to work on set as a consultant, buying him time to secure his prize. What follows is a cat and mouse game of flirtation …until life imitates art, and Jade finds herself in the ride of her life!

Kiss & Tell Miami
Gabe Bryant, X Quarterback, has a Reputation as a Bad Boy, with a Revolving List of A-List Arm Candy

During a wedding for one of Miami’s elite, hunky X-football quarterback Gabe Bryant makes Taylor’s acquaintance, and a mutual attraction is instantaneous; only to be interrupted by a busty, blond bombshell, Gabe’s date.

Taylor is a Talented, Hot Shot Event Planner ~ Spunky, Spicy, and Stunningly Beautiful

Their paths cross again at one Miami’s newest, hottest restaurants, Gabe’s, unbeknownst to Taylor.

After insisting on taking care of her bill, Taylor ‘turns the table’ on Gabe’s arrogant bullshit, buying drinks for everyone, ‘on the house’.

Called to throw a party for Gabe, she learns the guy wasn’t the prick she originally thought. An evening out with him changes everything, after she FUCKS him on the front lawn… and runs.

Sparks fly in This Hot and Spicy Romance!

Kiss & Tell Arizona
Cassie, a beautiful, successful Romance Author, has little time for love or romance

That is until a much anticipated trip to an exotic Arizona Resort has her cross paths with the hunky billionaire owner, and the scenery just got a whole lot better.

Dex entices Cassie to go for a ride, and his horses and Harley aren’t the only thing she takes for a spin!

Rather than living vicariously through her romance novels, Cassie finally experiences her own scintillating, smoldering romantic adventure.

Enjoy a tale of love, lust, and lessons of the heart!

WARNING: Mature content intended for 18 +, READER DISCRETION ADVISED, with sexually explicit, scintillating detail guaranteed to heat ‘things’ up!

Don't say I didn't warn you!!
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BILLIONAIRE ROMANCE: Short Stories ***KISS and TELL ~ LAS VEGAS*** Bad Boy Alpha Male Billionaire Biker Romance Series (Contemporary Women's Fiction New Adult Sports Romance) (English Edition)

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