Big Business (English Edition)


Could YOU Refuse?

Nikki never expected a guy like Jonathan Windemere to walk into her diner. Tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome, he was impossible to resist. And pretty soon, he's made her an offer that's simply too good to refuse.

Before she knows it, Nikki finds herself whisked me away to a world of glamor and riches like she's never even imagined. But despite Jonathan's upper-class mannerisms and his perfectly tailored suits, there's something dark and animal hiding just beneath the surface, too. Something powerful and sexy. Something that just wont' let her go …

WARNING: Due to a number of explicit scenes and situations, this novel is suitable ONLY for those aged eighteen years and older. If in doubt, do not purchase. That being said, if you're searching for a hot, sexy read that'll leave you gasping for more, then you've come to the right place!

Publisher's note: a slightly different version of this book was previously published for a short time under the title World's Apart

Because now I'm falling for him, hard – for the handsome billionaire who changed my life forever. But am I just a plaything to him? And will this hot British bachelor ever really commit to a regular girl like me?

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Big Business (English Edition)

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