Beyond the Walls (Elemental Bond Book 2) (English Edition)


After tragedy struck Layla and her Consort Cameron, the yearn to have their son Jace back grows as they expect a new arrival. Could it be that the claws of destiny have finally returned to someone other than the Queen? With a new Court in the process of being built and the Guardians becoming part-time builders everyone is spread thin.
Until a threat they thought they were able to get past shows up unannounced, it is Cameron who questions his ulterior motives. With Layla searching for answers it is hard not to start to believe the lies and deceit that plagued her past for so long.
With the news of her elements spreading like wildfire across the realm, bringing forth a very unlikely ally. After all that they have been through the past year, could putting faith in an unknown help or break them, as they begin a battle to protect the ones they love?

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Beyond the Walls (Elemental Bond Book 2) (English Edition)

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