Beyond Automatic: A Pocket Guide to Manual Mode Photography for DSLR Cameras (English Edition)


Are you wanting to achieve better results from your photographic efforts? Do you have a DSLR, but are confused as to how all those camera settings work? Do you find yourself stuck in automatic mode? If so, then this eBook was made just for you!

In order for someone to unleash their full creative photographic potential, they will have to say goodbye to their old comfortable and familiar friend – automatic mode.

This short, yet power-packed eBook, is the same book that I use in my Beyond Automatic Photography Workshops, and, will be your first steps towards breaking free from automatic mode. Begin exploring your creative potential and capturing amazing images! Download my Beyond Automatic Photography Pocket Guide today!

Workshop Reviews:

Thanks, Chuck! I learned about manual mode and humanity today. Keep doing what you are doing. -Jim Cole

Never going back to Auto mode again.. Awesome workshop! Thank you so much! -Manju Muralidharan

I learned a lot through this class and enjoyed spending time with the group. Took my first street photos (with people!) this afternoon, and NO automatic! -Jill Francis

The information was priceless, with so much information. The handout will definitely be helpful. -Malika

Chuck, thank you for giving me the confidence to move away from automatic modes into full manual mode. I learned more in two hours with you than I thought possible. Can’t wait to get out and practice and look forward to more Meet Ups. You’re an awesome teacher. Thanks again! -Rita Anthony

Workshop was very informative. Learned alot and now can’t wait to use it!! -Wendy Bratton

Chuck was very informative and helpful. He gave us all a great packet of information to reference and take home. Hopefully I’ll never be lazy and go back to automatic mode. -Becky Kozlen

I thought it was great. Just reviewing the material provided thrugh the class and it’s very easy to understand and follow. I thought it was a great class for beginning photography. -Debi

Great workshop, thanks so much. -Sharon

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Beyond Automatic: A Pocket Guide to Manual Mode Photography for DSLR Cameras (English Edition)

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