Beyond A Shadow (Smithson Group)

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Most people come to Comfort Bay, Oregon, in search of a quiet respite. But that’s not on the agenda for undercover operative Ezra Moore. He has ten days to unload a shipment of illegal weapons and take down Spectra IT, the international crime syndicate he’s infiltrated. Spectra’s man, Warren Aceveda, is playing dirty pool. To beat him and stay alive, Ezra has to play dirtier. However, even the best-laid crimes can go sideways, and Ezra’s about to find out how far…

Alexa Counsel likes her boring life in Comfort Bay. But there’s nothing boring about the new handyman working at the local B&B. Great with his hands? Oh yeah. But there’s something much deeper running beneath those still waters. Something she’s not sure she understands or trusts. No one is going to use her as a cover, no matter how irresistible he may be. But Ezra is the only man who’s ever made her feel so complete, and she’s in way too deep to turn back…

Playing cat and mouse with one of the world’s fiercest criminals, Alexa and Ezra are about to find out just how dangerous and delicious starting a new life—and finding a new love—can be.

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Beyond A Shadow (Smithson Group)

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