BEJEWELED: London Jewelry Designers You Need to Know (English Edition)

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This gorgeous design book features exclusive interviews from more than 30 of London’s hottest jewelry designers. In their own words, each designer shares their inspiration, process and role in shaping today’s contemporary jewelry world. Uplifting and insightful, this is the definitive resource for accessory lovers, stylists and professional and aspiring jewelry designers.


“Fashion icon Angela Gilltrap delivers with BEJEWELED: London Jewelry Designers You Need to Know, a design book for every girl who loves great jewelry. It’s the Who’s Who of London´s best jewellery designers. A MUST READ!"—Marcel Schlutt, Kaltbult Magazine

“Angela Gilltrap reminds us that London is still on the cutting edge when it comes to jewelry, with plenty of independent designers who tap into the cool vibe of the capital today. Bejeweled is a must-have, because the last thing you want when investing in jewelry is having something that’s by-the-numbers and typical: jewelry should be a talking-point for the wearer.” — Jack Yan, Lucire Magazine

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BEJEWELED: London Jewelry Designers You Need to Know (English Edition)

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