Bad Boy's Drug: Alpha Male Contemporary Bad Boy/Biker Romance (English Edition)



…and it’s my job to give it to her.

In all my 30 years as chief-of-police, I have never seen anything upset me. On the inside, of course, things were different—the searing pain almost burned through my insides when I saw one of my own officers distract a toddler from the paramedics pulling out his dead mother from the driver’s seat. But on the outside, nobody got a tear or even a smile. My stone face serves a purpose, and when a distraught wife comes to me about her husband being gunned down while on duty, you bet your ass I never even shed a tear. All the police rely on me and look to me as a leader for their guidance in times of crises.

But the day the mortician wheeled Grace’s husband in on a stretcher was the worst day of my life, and I bawled like a baby in the back alley of the hospital. Grace is a cop, too. And her nerves are just as strong as any cadet to walk through my doors, maybe stronger. She did not show any duress then either, in that cold and blue tinted room, where her husband lay as a fresh corpse.

But over the past few years, the shine in her eyes has faded to almost nothing. She’s practically a darn ghost, and I need to do something about it. She’s got PTSD, night terrors, you name it. So I am sending her to this new community college to teach the basics of self defense to 20-somethings. Surely there’s no trouble she can get into there.


What our dear Sergeant does not know is that, yes, there’s plenty of trouble Grace can find. She can—and will—find most of that trouble in the eyes of one man, a sexy bastard older in spirit than his body shows. They’re going to have the most amazing sex you have ever imagined. And as Grace walks back into class the next day, it’s the secret hanging in the air between her and the grim but sexy-as-hell young man staring at her from the back row.

Total Page Count: ~50 pages. Please note this novella includes two complementary novels with your purchase, with links to other stories you might find interesting. If you like short stories that pack a punch with heat and sexy times, NO cliffhangers, HAPPILY EVER AFTER endings, and NO cheating, give this one a shot.


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Bad Boy's Drug: Alpha Male Contemporary Bad Boy/Biker Romance (English Edition)

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