Athena Mentor College Application Workbook (English Edition)


Dreaming of college? This workbook serves as a planner for younger students and an organizer for applicants. Breathe easier knowing that you–or your student–is in control of the many moving parts that go into a college application. From creating a list of colleges through alumni interviews, checklists galore walk students step by step through the application process. Start now and stay organized! In each section, Dr. Corcoran shares tips and tricks from years of experience as an elite international private admissions counselor.

In the end, you'll have a precious booklet that captures who you are and what you really care about at this important moment of your life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You cannot type into an eBook, so please download the free accompanying fillable pdf version of this book! In that version, you can type in your answers to short questions, compose or upload essays and save your updated checklists!

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Athena Mentor College Application Workbook (English Edition)

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