Astoran Asunder, The Complete Series (English Edition)


This boxed set includes all five books in the suspenseful romantic fantasy Astoran Asunder series.

Contains some mature content.

Twenty years ago, the entire royal family of Astoran was brutally slaughtered. With no clear successor in line, the realm has been on the verge of collapse ever since. Several distant relatives have staked a claim to the throne, while the Trade Houses and the Church also vie for control. The formidable Battle Masters of the Royal Guard refuse to take sides, and the Seventh Sisters, who have a divine mandate to ensure the realm’s balance, have done little to nothing, as far as Astoran’s citizens are concerned. Meanwhile, eight citizens will find themselves embroiled in mysteries that call into question the narrative surrounding the royal family’s assassination.

A House Divided, book 1 – Cianne and Kila race to uncover the truth of a far-reaching conspiracy implicating the powerful Trade Houses.

Catalyst, book 2 – Unraveling the connection between her brother’s death and his House may just get Aderyn and Xaran killed.

Court of Illusion, book 3 – Navigating deadly court intrigue leads Eraly and Amir to explosive secrets.

Web of Deceit, book 4 – Jaris must face his past, but doing so will place Liv, the woman he loves, in danger.

Reckoning, book 5 – The resistance unites to make the conspirators pay.

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Astoran Asunder, The Complete Series (English Edition)

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