Art of the programming in the Mathematica software (English Edition)


Systems of computer mathematics find more and more broad application in
a number of natural, economical and social fields. These systems are rather
important tools for scientists, teachers, researchers and engineers, very well
combining symbolical methods with advanced computing methods. One of
leaders among tools of this class undoubtedly is the Mathematica. The book
focuses on an important aspect – procedural and functional programming
supported by Mathematica. This aspect is of particular importance not only
for appendices but also above all it is quite important in the creation of the
user tools that extend the most frequently used standard tools of the system
and/or eliminate its shortcomings, or complement with the new facilities.
Software represented in the book contains a number of useful and effective
receptions of procedural and functional programming in the Mathematica
system that extend the system software and allow sometimes much more
efficiently and easily to program the program objects for various purposes
first of all wearing system character. Among them there are means which
are of interest from the point of view of including of their or their analogs
into standard means of Mathematica, at the same time they use approaches,
useful in programming of applications in Mathematica. The above software
rather essentially dilates the Mathematica functionality and can be useful
enough for programming of many problems above all of system character.
At the same time, the MathToolBox package containing more 930 tools of
various purpose with freeware license is attached to the book.
The given book is oriented on a wide enough circle of the users of computer
mathematics systems, researchers, teachers and students of universities for
courses of computer science, mathematics, physics and many other natural
disciplines. The book will be of interest also to the specialists of the industry
and technology that use the computer mathematics systems in professional
activity. At last, this book is a rather useful handbook with fruitful methods
on the procedural and functional programming in the Mathematica system.

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Art of the programming in the Mathematica software (English Edition)

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