Argentine Spanish: A Guide to Speaking Like an Argentine: Intermediate (English Edition)


If you are planning a vacation to, going to study abroad or plan to live in Buenos Aires, this book is for you. You will learn not only Spanish, but all the Argentine variations that are different from the Spanish from Spain or Mexico.

This is a book that brings Argentine Spanish to you. In addition to learning Argentine Spanish, developing and growing your grammar and vocabulary you will be learning the way in which “Porteños” (people from Buenos Aires) speak.

It is well known that Argentines (and more specifically people from Buenos Aires) speak a kind of Spanish that includes many different variations: “What is VOS?”, “What does SOS mean?”, etc.

This is not a book about “slang” even though you can find some here, it is a book that will teach you proper “Spanish Rioplatense” (the name for the Spanish surrounding the Rio del Plata including Buenos Aires and some parts of Uruguay) putting focus on some very typical Argentine idioms and words.

You will find exercises after almost every lesson with the answers at the end.

Many Spanish students, or any learners of a new language are often intimidated and frustrated by certain textbooks, guidebooks and other learning materials that present information in a complicated way. Many times these learning materials are completely in the foreign language, even when explaining tricky concepts. For a lot of learners this is very frustrating, as they just want to understand the concept! Yes it is important to be constantly reading materials in the language one is learning, but a lot of times it just is more effective to be explained a certain concept in your native language.

The aim of this book is to keep everything as simple as possible. Concepts are presented as straightforward as they can be. It is designed for you to have an easy reference to any concept you are stuck on or in need of review. Everything written in Spanish is provided as well in English, so you understand why or how certain words are used.

Don’t go to Buenos Aires or Argentina without this book!

This “intermediate module” is perfect for Spanish students who already have a good foundation of the Spanish language and are ready to learn intermediate concepts.

What is included?

1The Verb “Soler”
2The Present Progressive
3Gustar, Caer Bien, Parecer
4Symptoms and Illness
5The Direct and Indirect Object
6How To Replace The Indirect and Direct Object In the Same Phrase
7The Imperfect Tense
8Using the Imperfect and Indefinite Past Tenses Together
10The Impersonal “SE”
11How to Identify
12Vocabulary Related to Home/Apartments
14Por Vs. Para
15The Simple Future Tense
16The Simple Conditional Tense
17Giving Orders – The Imperative Tense
18The Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto – The Past Before The Past
19Reading Song Lyrics In Spanish
20Shopping in a Clothes Store – Vocabulary
21 The Verbs “Venir-ir” and “Traer-Llevar”

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Argentine Spanish: A Guide to Speaking Like an Argentine: Intermediate (English Edition)

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