Anticlimax: A personal essay on desire, and the lack of it (English Edition)


Does everybody love sex? At 28-years-old, Mateo is still trying to figure out what’s so amazing about it. Could it be that he just hasn’t found the right person? Or is he just a terrible lover?

“Anticlimax” is the story of a young man trying to discern between what he really desires and what is a social consensus. Should he give up his search of a romanticized sex? Perhaps he’ll try to learn to make sex fulfill his romantic ambitions so he can fit in with the the way the rest of his generation looks at sex.

Mateo Sancho Cardiel interviews himself in a very intense, funny and moving essay. The author begins to recognize the double-edge sword of his sex-free behavior. On one hand he sees the advantages of not being vulnerable to sex but on the other he struggles with the idea of not ever being able to sexually satisfy a potential partner.

Written with a mix of confusion, immaturity, and shameless honesty, “Anticlimax” is not a vindication of a cause, but a drama-free tale that blows out labels in a vital and humorous way.

This book is a realistic approach into sex, without moral restrictions or virile vanities, and attempts to get there through the help of philosophy, science, religion, and personal experience.

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Anticlimax: A personal essay on desire, and the lack of it (English Edition)

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