The anti-wrinkle drinks and recipes featured on this e-book call for foods that are loaded with antioxidant vitamins and minerals that can help prevent wrinkles naturally. All the recipes included are easy to prepare.


Brain: If you too fear cognitive decline so often associated with age, these recipes will come as welcome news.The cocoa, carrot and Beet could enhance cognitive function and especially working memory, with potential application for dementia treatment.

Digestion: Healthy digestion is at the cornerstone of a long and full life, which may make these recipes your new best friend. To regulate digestion, calm digestive troubles, and especially remedy SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), green tea and other recipes can help. Drinking green tea can decrease stool pH to support healthy bacterial growth, while decreasing the amount of bad bacteria in the gut.

Joints: Creaking and aching joints may not be an inevitable part of aging, if you cultivate a habit of one of these recipes. The superstar polyphenol in the recipes, could help to reduce knee pain and improve joint health.

Skin:These recipes have skin renewal abilities. A the photoprotective polyphenols present in most of these recipes could prevent skin damage caused by sun exposure, including photoaging.

Weight: Metabolism is reported to slow with age, you will find recipes in this book that could help to beat the creeping battle of the bulge. As we noted above, these recipes will not only help to keep digestion moving, but it slows weight gain with the potential to fight against obesity.

Mortality: As if all the benefits listed above weren’t enough, drinking some of these recipes may also extend length, as well as quality, of life.

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