Andromeda (Linda Kay Daniels Adventrues Book 7) (English Edition)

Action & Abenteuer

Linda Kay Blather must deal with bereavement before she once again steps into her role as World Guardian. When the request is made for her to help save an alien planet under attack, she cannot refuse. As her challenge progresses, she discovers someone in her life has been masquerading as a human being. She also discovers that it is possible to regain joy after a tragic loss.

The Series –

Book 1: Venus Rising
Book 2: Lost Colonies
Book 3: Infiltration
Book 3.5: Odd Jobs (short stories)
Book 4: Juggernaut
Book 5: Extermination
Book 6: Ring of Fire
Book 7: Andromeda
Book 8: Cataclysm (working title, 2017?)

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Andromeda (Linda Kay Daniels Adventrues Book 7) (English Edition)

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