Ancient Allies (The Malvers War Book 2) (English Edition)



A rogue warrior. A young leader. Together, they’ll save their world… or watch it burn.

Blazel is used to doing things alone. The Posair male has spent years in complete isolation battling the beasts who threaten his people. When he’s called back home into a society that never accepted him, he expects to be shunned. Instead, he finds a community and his return home brings prophetic dreams bubbling to the surface…

Rizelya has her own prophecy to deal with. An ancient enemy is poised to destroy them all, but a small sliver of hope remains. If Rizelya can find an old ally that hasn’t been seen for centuries, they might just have a chance.

When Blazel reveals he knows where the elusive ally lives, he and Rizelya embark on a quest to save the Posair race. If they fail, a dark prophecy will come to pass, and their people will surely fall…

Ancient Allies is the second book in a series of action-packed epic magical fantasy novels. If you like strong female lead characters, compelling shapeshifters, richly built worlds, and death-defying quests, then you’ll love Tora Moon’s Malvers War series.

Buy Ancient Allies today to join the fight against the forces of evil!

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Ancient Allies (The Malvers War Book 2) (English Edition)

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