All I Hold Dear (English Edition)

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A ragpicker. That was the author’s life goal at the age of nineteen after reading Og Mandino’s book, The Greatest Miracle in the World. It was then that he developed his passion to be an encourager of those whom society had cast aside.
In the experience of the author, too many Christians live a life of defeat and despair. They may read their Bibles but often don’t make application of the scriptures to change the things that are displeasing to God. They find themselves in ruts, committing the same sins over and over, asking forgiveness for the same things, but never obtaining real victory in their Christian walk.
This book seeks to change that endless cycle. Written in reflection of the scripture he reads in his daily devotional time, Dr. Veach’s poetry connects the spirit to God. His back stories, while offering an explanation of each poem, serve in many cases as a devotional and offer solutions to real problems. In essence, his poetry demonstrates how to have a real relationship with Christ and how to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.
All I Hold Dear, by including poems on family and country, also provides a primer on loving our families and demonstrating an appreciation for God’s hand in the founding of our country. The poetry contained in this book will raise the spirit of the defeated Christian and will cause all believers to rejoice in the relationship that is possible with a Holy God.
Like salted peanuts, however, it is difficult to stop with just one.

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All I Hold Dear (English Edition)

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