ALIEN ROMANCE: The Alien MENAGE (English Edition)


It had been Emma Neal’s dream to be a famous astronaut. She wanted to be the one history remembered as proving that extraterrestrial life existed on other planets. With this motivation, she set off on a solo mission, where she would travel to other galaxies. Everything changed, however, when her ship malfunctioned and she found herself plummeting through the unknown recesses of outer space.

Now she was living on the planet Strernon, with her Strenkonian husband: Varius. Their marriage was a happy one, where they lived peacefully in the Wooded Area with Varius’ younger sister: Antica.

However, now their world was dying as a mysterious plague conquered the planet. The only hope seemed to travel to the big city: Miuvis. But, even this city had been overcome with death and decay.

With the Strenkon numbers plunging toward annihilation it seems like the only solution to their problem is to reproduce, but will Emma be able to convince herself to participate in the unusual reproduction system of this new alien world in order to save her husband’s species?

Contains a series of FREE Bonus romance stories!

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ALIEN ROMANCE: The Alien MENAGE (English Edition)

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