A Tribune Goes North (Marcus Aegius Book 3) (English Edition)


Historische Romane

Set in the third century of Roman rule, our reluctant hero, Marcus Aegius, is once again wrenched domesticity. While he looks for a quiet life to serve out his remaining years in the army, Emperor Probus has other ideas. He has ordered Aegius to Britannia. the northernmost region of the Empire, and quell or dispel the rumours of a possible uprising. Aegius, having been granted the temporary position as a Praetor to give him an air of authority, embarks on a mission fraught with danger. Murder, attempted assassinations and intrigue follow him, wrapped in a spy's cloak.
A few old contemporaries are there to help him, as well as a few unlooked for allies, but enemies abound. Aegius, not always the best judge of people, must decide who is friend and who is likely to stab him in the back while he tries to resolve the Emperor's edict.

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A Tribune Goes North (Marcus Aegius Book 3) (English Edition)

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