A Selection Box: A wondrous collection of short stories (English Edition)


The Tree at Lakeside Woods

Ten-year old Annabella loved going for woodland walks down at Lakeside woods. But on this particular visit, she stood looking up at the big oak tree, and couldn't help noticing how very dry it was looking. So out of the kindest of her heart, Annabella gave the tree a drink of water from a girls bonnet she had found half submerged at the waters edge. But the tree proved itself to be very special and became Annabella's friend, along with all the other animals that lived at lakeside woods, where the story is set within a Victorian era.

The Adventures of Captain James Launder: No Mans Land

In the year of 1755, Captain James Launder and his pirate ship’s company of thirty men sailed the oceans in search of finding treasure. When the pirates eventually anchored their ship off an island called No Mans Land, they came across more treasure than any pirate could dream of finding. But the pirates were cursed from taking any of their newfound bounty from the island…

The Magic Box

Elizabeth and cousin Thomas were off to spend the weekend staying at their grandparent’s cottage, where they lived in the middle of the Devonshire countryside. The weekend would be extra special for Elizabeth because on Saturday she would celebrate her ninth birthday, a birthday she would never forget.

A Christmas Star

Office worker Benjamin Blake contemplates how boring his life has become, and makes a wish upon a fallen star he sees through his bedroom window. But the wish comes strangely true, and gives Benjamin something different to think about when he gets catapulted from the year 2015 back to World War II where he meets British soldier Maurice Bridgman who is stationed with his comrades in France. Benjamin eventually manages to make it back to his own time and quickly goes in search of Maurice, to keep a promise he made to him back in 1943.


To feel warm in the cold winter months and to be loved and fed all year round, that’s all William the ginger cat wanted. But on one cold winters day, William’s master did not want a cat for a pet anymore and kicked poor William out of the house. He didn't have anywhere else to go, so he curled himself up into a ball and fell asleep on his masters snow covered pathway, not knowing what was to become of his life.

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A Selection Box: A wondrous collection of short stories (English Edition)

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