A Prince and His Dragon: Dragon (The Dragon Series Book 1) (English Edition)



Prince Logan of Dunland was only ditching his guards to go hunting when he decided to climb a tree for a better vantage point. He made ready his bow and arrow just as the tree limb snapped, dropping him to the ground like elderberry goo to the castle floor. The branch pinned him down, leaving him injured and vulnerable to the dangers of the forest, or worse, their enemies the Saykron’s who are after the kingdoms Lost Scrolls and Grandfather Seed.

But the most unlikely of things happens.

A Dragon Bond.

Parren, a young cave dragon, flies in and saves Logan. Now, they are not only the youngest pair to form a Dragon Bond, but also the third known Dragon Bond in existence. Ever. Dragon Rider Ryker and his Elise, and Dragon Rider Chaudryx and his Enlon remain elusive, but need to be found for the sake and safety of Prince Logan and his Parren.

Fly along with Prince Logan and Parren, as they learn the limits of their Dragon Bond while helping the kingdom of Dunland fend off Saykron invaders!

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A Prince and His Dragon: Dragon (The Dragon Series Book 1) (English Edition)

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