A Lovely Lesbian Sensuous Holiday (English Edition)

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This is an explicit short erotica story and as such is only intended for readers over the age of 18.

When Kim organises a little getaway for the two of them, Claire is excited to see what her girlfriend has in store. Unfortunately, Kim’s adventurous spirit leads to her booking a getaway in a little cabin out in the woods with no electricity in the middle of a snowstorm. Claire isn’t enjoying the freezing cold cabin at all, but once they snuggle up together under a blanket for warmth she soon finds the time alone together in a cosy little cabin to be much more fun than anticipated.

This story contains scenes of: lesbian sex, breast play, nipple play, use of a blindfold, body chocolate, use of a vibrator/sex toys, masturbation and oral sex.

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A Lovely Lesbian Sensuous Holiday (English Edition)

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