A Biker Saga: The Novel (English Edition)


A New breed of biker
A Unique type of club
A Way of life to die for

Surviving off the grid, the Gaelic biker club known as the GGS has spent several, peaceful decades building their safe haven. When the unexpected death of their beloved founder, Slider, throws them into the epicenter of a vicious war which they want no part of, his strong-willed daughter Stax and her complicated lover Strangler, must set aside their grief and step up to take control.

As the world looks on, battle weary outlaw bikers join forces with the GGS, relying on Slider's foresight to see them through. Strangler disappears, forcing Stax to make an unprecedented decision. Determined to find her man and lead her people, she claims to have experienced a paranormal vision, causing those closest to her to question her sanity. Unexplainable happenings begin to occur inside the fortress as the enemy continues to advance.

Inside a fortress under lockdown, bikers work together to save tortured hostages, themselves, and the fate of the free world from a powerful, political agenda put in motion by a twisted, ruthless madman. As they face the final onslaught, the world waits in fear, hoping against hope that the bikers will find a way to end the war and ride out of there alive.

(Adult Situations, Explicit language, Otherworldly Possibilities.)
NOTE: 'A Biker Saga: The Novel' is the abridged edition of the combined trilogy series; 'A Biker Saga'

Author Pamela Murdaugh-Smith, inspired by life experience in the biker community, is the author of this fantasy thriller. 'A Biker Saga: The Novel' filled with epic characters who will draw you into a fantastic world of Good Gaelic Souls who ride, live, and love by their own rules.

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A Biker Saga: The Novel (English Edition)

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