50 Tage Backpacking in Neuseeland: im Neuseeland Backpacker-Bus – Ein Reisetagebuch aus dem Jahr 2013 –


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In November 2013 I was between jobs so I had the chance
to do a 7 week trip to new zealand. At first I merely
booked a flight. But on a rainy evening, going in train from
potsdam to berlin, I stumbled over a hint in Lose's travel
guide that was pointing to different backpacker busses
going throughout new zealand. That was really what I was
looking for. For several days I had had an awkward feeling
concering the idea of staying by myself all the time in this
distant country only with my gas cooker as company.

I decided to pick the Walking Penguinbus. This company
was supposed to be focused on activies in nature and doing
wildlife camping.

2 hours after reading about this, I had booked the 'kiwi
ultimate experience (28 days) ' in the comfort area of the
bundesbahn in berlin main station at 23 pm. The bus was
going to become fully booked, so I thought it would be a
good idea to decide quickly.

Actually this trip turned out to be one of the best exploring
and adventorous experiences I ever had in my life.

To enhance the 4 week on Walking Penguinbus to 7 weeks,
I stayed the very first and the very last days on my own in
Piha (western to auckland) and Kaikoura / Christchurch
and I had a stoppover of 9 days visiting a friend in nelson.
As you will see my travel diary is written in german. It will
depict the days in detail. If you dont't speak german I still
can encourage you to do Walking Penguinif you want to
encounter experiences with strong nature and if you want
to do sports and to move in a beautiful natural enviroment.
If you are more the type of person that wants to enjoy citiy
life, party-time and gourmet food I cannot really
recommend Walking Penguin to you.

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50 Tage Backpacking in Neuseeland: im Neuseeland Backpacker-Bus – Ein Reisetagebuch aus dem Jahr 2013 –

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