20 Years of Windows: From Windows 95 to Windows 10: (How to install Windows?) (English Edition)


Windows XP

This e-Book is an excellent collection of Windows operating systems installation. From Windows 95 to Windows 10. With that in mind, this e-Book is designed to get you started with the process of installing any Windows operating systems. Thus, this e-Book is for everyone! For the beginners, who are making the first steps in Windows 10 operating system, for advanced users who besides Windows 10 they have experience with Windows XP and the latest Windows operating systems, and for all those computer geeks who have been in a close friendship with the Windows operating system from the version 1.0 and onwards. That said, while the beginners and to some extent the advanced users can use this e-Book to become familiar with the Windows 95/98/ME installation, on the other hand to computer geeks this e-Book can serve as a "photo album" to bring back “good old memories” about how Windows Setup has evolved. Other than that, this e-Book proves to be a handy informational source for everyone who is involved in studying operating systems in general, and Windows operating systems in particular. However, this e-Book is not intended to provide the in-depth explanations of each and every Windows operating system other than installation itself. Instead, with step-by-step instructions driven by targeted, easy-to-understand graphics, this e-Book explains and shows you how to install the Windows operating systems from Windows 95 to Windows 10. With the guidance provided by this easy to follow resource, you will quickly learn the tools and the steps it takes to install any of the aforementioned versions of Windows operating system.

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20 Years of Windows: From Windows 95 to Windows 10: (How to install Windows?) (English Edition)

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