119 Free Things To Do In London – 2017 Edition: The Best Free Museums, Sightseeing Attractions, Events, Music, Galleries, Outdoor Activities, Theatre, … Free eGuidebooks Book 4) (English Edition)

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London! The capital of Western Civilization is the world’s second most popular travel destination city in the world. But, wow…is it EXPENSIVE!

So, how can you see this diverse, energetic, historic yet modern city without paying through the nose?

Turns out that London is literally overflowing with free activities, destinations, events, and shows. And that’s what this book is all about: having a good time without spending a dime.

While thousands of tourists might spend the afternoon at the gates of Buckingham palace waiting for the changing of the guard, you could be in the know, doing 100% FREE, yet culturally rewarding, activities such as:

•Listening to a lunchtime recitals at a tiny medieval church
•Examining specimens from Captain James Cook’s famous voyages
•Wandering through dozens of free museums and art galleries
•Hitting up free comedy night at a local pub
•Watching the guards lock up the tower of London for the night
•Checking out the London Book Fair
•Attending the Head Of the River Race
•Partying down at The City of London Festival
•Taking a self guided walking tour of Bushy Park & The Diana Fountain
•And much, much more

This book is all about discovering the FREE attractions in London, whether they be an experience, place, or event. Inside there are 119 individual, high quality, well researched attractions that are always free, sometimes free, or free for certain people. Plus there are tons and tons of additional resources, lists, and links to further information to help you enjoy London for FREE.

I firmly believe that the less you spend on travel, the more you experience, and one thing I know is that even in London, you can have a great cultural experience without breaking the bank.


This book is not about discount travel. It’s about FREE travel. The difference between this and other travel books is that:

1)It only includes free activities, events, locations & attractions
2)it’s exclusively formatted for the Kindle and Kindle App
3)It’s interactive, so you can easily access directions from your current location, reviews from other travelers, and more information entries in the book.


I’ve structured this book to help you visit London, including useful information about public transportation, activities throughout the area, and helpful information for all types of travelers.

Each entry has a well-researched description, contact information (email, phone, website), and links to more information. Color photos too!

You can get directions from Google Maps to each location, from wherever you are at the moment. Works great with the Kindle App for your smartphone.

There’s an interactive map, showing you all the free activities across the city and an appendix with the free trip planning tools I’ve used, including the best websites, free apps, free podcasts, free walking tours, and more free planning tools.


Interactive Map
Free Music, Theater and Dance
Free Museums
Free Outdoor Activities
Free Kids Activities
Free Art, Literature and Architecture
Free Transportation and Parking
Free Attractions, Activities and Entertainment
Free Festivals and Parades
Free Tours
Flea Markets and Window Shopping
Other Free Stuff
Free Trip Planning and Traveler Resources


Thanks to many loyal readers who email me when information changes and when they find free activities, this book is constantly being updated.

What was it Samuel Butler said about money? It’s like friendship: easier made than kept. Keep your money with this book! It aims to help you keep your Pounds and enjoy London like a Londoner — spending nothing but time — enjoying one of the greatest cities in the world.

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119 Free Things To Do In London – 2017 Edition: The Best Free Museums, Sightseeing Attractions, Events, Music, Galleries, Outdoor Activities, Theatre, … Free eGuidebooks Book 4) (English Edition)

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