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  1. jefferson

    my brother did what you said and it worked! I’m from Brazil and nobody knew you solve … saved my weekend !!

  2. ·

    Dear Jefeerson,

    yesterday I had over 300 visitors from Brazil who read this blog post. Apparently the DNS error is a new problem within your area. I am glad that I can help.


    Martin O. Hamann

  3. Lucas Barbosa

    Cheers from Brazil! I also had this problem but your tutorial solver my problem. Thanks a lot!

  4. Zozimo

    Sir, you deserve the highest of the high fives! You saved my life! =D
    Regards from Brazil!

    P.S.: yeah! I believe that this problem is new to our area, I never had before.

  5. Beky

    Muito Obrigado, Resolveu o meu problema!

    Thank so much

  6. Beky

    Thank you, Solved my problem!

    Thank so much

    From Brazil

  7. skrillex

    deu certo ,obrigado!!

  8. wagner

    Thank you so much !!! I’m from Brazil and had this problem for a week and could not solve ….

  9. Gian

    Hi Martin,
    i have a FRITZBOX6360 and i want to put my Playstation on public Ip. Im in Germany and i´m not sure if I understood everything. Do I have to change the DNS1and2 on the Fritzbox and on the PS4, by putting the DNS Server from Google ( and And will I achieve also NAT1 ( at the moment 2).

    Thanks for the help!

  10. Meneghetti

    Thanks a lot! You saved my AC Unity hehehe !!!
    Regards from Brazil

  11. Anonymous

    Didn’t work

  12. Webdesign Basel

    geht das auf für die schweiz?

  13. Anonymous

    Cheers from Perth

  14. Anonymous

    what ip address to set up by the way?

  15. mostafa

    worked!!!! thanks a lot ????????

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