Destiny 2 Gameplay – Hangout, Watch Destiny 2 Gameplay *prerecorded & Chat With Other Gamers


Destiny 2 Gameplay – Watch Destiny 2 PvP PvE Strike Gameplay *prerecorded & Chat With Other Gamers
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Destiny 2 Gameplay is more than a gaming channel. We are a small community of destiny gamers, and we invite you to hangout with us! At this channel you can watch Destiny 2 gameplay, hangout at our daily live streams and chat with other destiny gamers.


Send us your best Destiny 2 gaming clips to be featured at this channel!
We want clips of your best, most glorious, glitchy, ridiculous, and funny gameplay moments from the Destiny 2 beta/Destiny 2 game.

Send us your Destiny 2 gameplay/clips* including gamertag, channel name and short description to us directly:

* Please ensure gameplay/clips do not contain copyright music.

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We want our live stream chat to be a cool and fun meeting place where gamers can hangout, make friends and chat. We ask everyone to respect our live stream chat and respect other users. Good banter is encouraged, but know when to stop. Harassing/bullying other users is not acceptable!

? DO NOT type in all CAPS. You risk having comment removed.
? DO NOT spam keyboard characters/emojis.
? DO NOT be racist, bully, sexist or anything of the sort in chat.
? DO NOT advertise/post game codes/beta codes in chat.
? DO NOT advertise/spam channel/gamer tags, or beg for subscribers. However, you may ‚mention‘ channel/gamer tag.
? DO NOT argue with the mods**.

**If you find a mod to have unfairly done something, send me a message via main channel page, do not argue with them in the chat.

This stream currently allows viewers to watch prerecorded Destiny 2 gameplay (from the reveal event in LA on 18th May 2017 and Sony E3 conference), hangout, meet other gamers through our live stream chat. Current gameplay/clips are on loop allowing anyone and everyone to watch gameplay/clips released so far. New Destiny 2 gameplay will be added to stream/channel as they become available.

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Currently we are not looking for any more moderators. However, we may require more as we grow into a bigger channel/community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This channel is not associated with Bungie. All content currently shown within this channel/video/stream has been obtained with owners permission, Creative Commons License, created by channel owner or obtained/used under ‚Fair Use‘.

If you believe this channel/video/stream breaches your copyright, please mail me directly via Destiny 2 Gameplay channel to resolve any issue.


8 Kommentare

  1. ·

    Destiny was/is a nice Game but I think Destiny2 is goning to top it!
    I’ll miss the Weapon-Perks but I think it’s gonna be a very amazing Game 🙂

  2. ·

    Bisher sieht das Spiel echt super aus.
    Ich hoffe, dass Activision Blizzard das Spiel bekannt macht und nicht nur die Plattform zur Verfügung stellt.
    Das Spiel hat potential ist nur vielleicht nicht sooo bekannt.

    Und natürlich hoffe ich, dass Bungie keine Alpha/Beta auf den Markt bringt!

  3. ·

    Was auf jeden Fall dieses Jahr auch empfehlenswert ist, ist Cod WW2. Was die im Vorfeld an Influencer Marketing rausgehauen haben ist einfach unglaublich. Endlich keine fliegenden Exo Suits mehr sondern normale Menschen! 😀

  4. ·

    Wow! Das Spiel sieht richtig gut aus! Werde ich mir auf jeden Fall zulegen 🙂 Kanns kaum erwarten das mal anzuzoggen!

  5. ·

    Gutes Game! 🙂 Ich liebe solche Videos, sie machen Lust auf mehr. 😉

  6. ·

    I am extremely hyped for this! Destiny was my first game for the PS4 and I loved it 😀

  7. ·

    Ich bin echt gespannt auf Destiny 2. Fand Destiny schon ganz interessant, habe aber leider keine PS4. Und da es zu meiner GTX1080 Destiny 2 umsonst dazu gab steht dem Zocken nichts mehr im Wege! Außer vielleicht Fortnite, welches ich zur Zeit suchte…

  8. ·

    I am overly excited.
    I have played Destiny and it became repetitive. But I heard that they have learned to make the quests more exciting so I am looking forward to that.
    Luckily I don’t need a PS4 for that game since Blizzard is taking it to the PC. Which is Awesome because I have always preferred playing shooters with my gaming mouse.

    Can’t Wait.

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